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Client Results

Meet Colleen Sinclair, Breanna Gunn, and Amanda Hainline. Three badass women I have the pleasure of working with. Tap their button to read all about their experience and results working with Leigh B Creative.


Lucinda Fonseca

Mica is incredible at what she does. My husband and I recently setup a blog for our adoption journey and Mica encouraged us to setup a Facebook page to help boost visibility. In less than a week she had our page up and running and at over 300 likes. We also ran our first fundraising campaign which hit it's goal in record time.
There is no one else I'd recommend over Leigh B Creative.
Leigh B Creative designed and built our website with skill, professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm that left me and my business partners over the moon. Thanks Leigh B Creative for everything. Looking forward to more. Cheers

Kayla Payne

This girl KILLED IT on some FB ads I had her create for my business page! She created a stellar custom audience that has yielded me freaking amazing results!

Love Mica, her kind spirit and creative personality!!!!!


Hazel Bagos Evans

In such a short amount of time Mica helped me bring so much more traffic to our social media page. I am so impressed by her skills and recommend her work to anyone and everyone needing help bringing in more customers and business!

Julie Holmes

I enjoyed working with Mica. She built my Pinterest account from nothing to 116K views a month. Her pins are engaging. She is a pleasure to work with and she has great knowledge of the Social Media world.

Amanda Hainline

Working with Mica is such a pleasure. She deeply cares about my business and knows her stuff. Since working with Mica, my Facebook page is gaining over 100 follows a week and I have reached over 32,000 accounts on Instagram in the last 30 days. Before working with her, I was only reaching a few hundred accounts a month. My IG followers have increased 38 percent and engagement on the platform is way up!

Jami Hearn

I have been impressed with your ability to tap into my voice and my vision to create content that sounds like me. I am extremely pleased with the results I have gotten from working with you and the professional support you offer. Thank you for making my team complete.

I love your passion and motivation. You always make me smile which is one thing I love about working with you.
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