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How To Use Google Analytics to Create a Marketing Strategy

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

PLUS quick tips to build a simple foundation and what to do if you have little traffic.

#1 Capture your audience at first sight!

Imagine someone is visiting your Facebook page for the FIRST time and they have no idea...

  • who you are

  • what you offer

  • why they need your services/product

  • how it will help them

  • where they can start to learn more

The goal is to be able to capture their attention and make them aware of your business without needing to scroll through dozens of posts.

Because, who REALLY...I mean really has the time or attention span to scroll endlessly through your content to understand your brand.

Of course, you can't cover EVERYTHING. So don't sweat it....

Start with your cover image and a priority offer, best selling item, or a way for a potential client/customer to contact you (book a call, send message, visit website, etc.).

See example below. This cover image was created using Canva, which already has designated templates (for FREE) for whatever you need.

Make sure your layout is mobile AND web friendly.

Breanna Gunn is a Market Research GENIUS. She has already identified the NEED for her audience and has created a solution at first glance that not only creates an impact but also cuts right to the chase.

Overwhelmed? Working too much? Consider yourself the boss? GET THE CHECKLIST. You need it.


#2 Build Your Social Media Marketing Strategy using Google Analytics

IF you haven't already GO now and set up your Google Analytics account. It is FREE!

The home page offers a quick overview of the past 7 days according to your website. Check out my client's data improvement in green. 👏 👏 👏

Discover what day and time people are visiting your website the most, how you acquire users, where your users are located and so much more!

Next, find the menu on the left hand side of Google Analytics. 👇

Click 'Acquisition' to navigate further down the list to 'Social' and lastly, click 'Overview.'

👇 Overview will bring you to the example below. You can now see what social media platforms are driving the MOST traffic.

By clicking an individual social media channel you can see what exact web links people are reading.

On the left hand side you will see the link and on the right hand the number of sessions, page views, and more!

By locating this information I can discover what my audience truly enjoys the most and repurpose that content to drive more traffic and/or increase sales based on the actual platform.

Make an educated assumption and plan ahead.

🙌 Extra spicy nugget: adjust the dates to view what was most popular the previous 30 days, previous year comparison, as well as, what is ahead for the next 90 days to make an educated assumption and plan ahead. In other words...

If it's August 2020 I am going to review the analytics of highest social traffic for...

  • August 2020 & August 2019 for yearly comparison (see comparison model below)

  • September - November 2019 to plan ahead popular content posts to repurpose this year ahead of the curve

Comparison Model, ohhh la la!

20% Increase from same time previous year!


#3 New to the game? Keep reading.

I hear you. Your traffic is nearly non-existent and at this point Google Analytics isn't really going to help you.

Have you ever heard that song "Shut up and drive?"

The only wrong thing to do here is not move forward.

Here is an easy plan you can follow today. Curate...

  • Relatable content to connect with your audience

  • Engaging copy that start conversations

  • Beehive mindset to remind your audience that you value their knowledge & opinions

  • Share stories about your life, lessons, achievements, values

  • Offers (freebies, opt-ins, courses, promotions, etc)

  • Post a minimum of 1x/day

  • Be authentic and have conversations with your audience. It takes work to build relationships in real life and social media is no different.

Lastly, have fun for fun-sake!

Everybody has to start somewhere and it can be daunting but don't give up! If you are curating a social media plan then it HAS to follow what I believe to be the GOLDEN RULE...

Your content should always add value to your audiences' lives.

It really IS that simple. Authenticity and Social Good. 😉


Feeling stuck and want to dive into this more 1:1 with me? Let's connect!

Click here 👉 Book a Vision Session

For a limited time I have waived my fee just for you. ❤️

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