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Is It Worth the Investment to Hire a Social Media Manager

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

"How long does it take to see my ROI in Social Media Marketing?"

I am running on my third-ish year in business and if there is one. single. thing. I've noticed it is that strategy building takes time!

How long? In my experience a minimum of 90 days!

Social media tips with pink alarm clock showing time.
Patience is a virtue.

Would you rather have 10k followers and very little engagement or 1k followers with a highly engaged site + sales? That 1k can turn into 10k which just might take a little longer BUT when you get there...they are followers that value your product!

"That seems like a long time, Mica." Not really. Here's why.

Do you want an audience that is interested in you and your product or just numbers? I prefer an interested audience! 🙋‍♀️ An interested audience is one that actually cares and values YOU. You will have a greater chance of engagement and even a greater chance of selling your product! While numbers are fun and all they don't always equate to people who see or value what you do.

They are just that. Numbers. Vanity Metrics.

In the past, I have worked on short 30 day contracts with my clients and at the end, we are both feeling unsatisfied. The reason...that is not enough time to research, plan and build a strategy. That is not even enough time to test a strategy and know if it works OR if it's time to go back to the drawing board.

Bottom line. Social Media Marketing is an investment and in the grand scheme of things, 90 days isn't so bad!

When you invest in your brand, marketing strategy and voice then you are investing in finding an audience that feels they are receiving value in following you! This is IDEAL!

Lastly, to add to all of what I just said...we have and are still seeing social media sites value engagement and genuine marketing behaviors.

Let's be real people, folks, with thoughtful messaging. ❤️


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