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My Exact 2023 Strategy to Get 550% Growth on Pinterest in Just 5 Months

As a social media strategist, there is NO better feeling in the world than when I get great results from a strategy I implemented to help my client grow their business (and in turn, their revenue). Empowering business owners through social media marketing is seriously what gets me out of bed in the morning.

Today, I’m going to do something that breaks the rules and that most would consider unconventional— I am going to give you my exact strategy on how I help my clients increase their growth on Pinterest by up to 550%.

Better yet, you don't even have to read through this whole article to get the goods (although I highly recommend you do to get the full benefits!). I’ve made a FREE downloadable Pinterest strategy checklist with my how-to strategy for exponential Pinterest growth to help you start seeing results on your account right away.

And if you’re here for the nitty-gritty of it all, let’s get into it!


Let’s start with impressions— what are they? From Pinterest’s own business page definition, impressions are “The number of times your Pins or ads were on screen.” To clarify, impressions refer to the number of times that your Pin appeared in the feed or in search results.

To fully understand the engagement rate of your audience, another piece of data must be considered— views. Ideally, you want the number of your impressions to be as close to your view count as possible. High viewership with low impressions could mean that your Pins are not showing up when users are searching for content like yours. If this is the case, look into improving your SEO strategy by optimizing your Pin titles and descriptions to increase your organic visibility.

Protip— an SEO strategy that I feel is underutilized is text overlay on your Pins! This is the method of adding text to your static Pins or video Pins inside of the native Pinterest Pin editor using keywords related to the Pin’s content. The Pinterest algorithm will use all of this information to determine who it shows your content to and when your content appears in search results.

So how does one find the best keywords for maximum visibility? The simplest way is to use the Pinterest search bar! Search for the topic of your content and see what keywords come up! Another great resource is Pinterest Trends. This tool will help you see what topics are currently trending by user keyword search. Fun fact— Pinterest trends, on average, are ahead of the curve by 20% compared to other social media platforms.

Besides a killer SEO strategy, what can you do to improve your Pinterest impressions? Here’s what I do for my clients:

  1. Pin Quality. Be sure that any static Pins and video Pins you post are using high-res, crisp and clear quality images and video with good lighting, angles and styling. For tips on how you can accomplish this with just a smartphone, check out my blog, Product Photography: How Quality Images Can Make All the Difference.

  2. New Content is King. Pinterest loves fresh, new, valuable content. Also, the more you create and publish, the higher the chances that the right audience will see your content!

  3. Consistency. Like every other social platform, Pinterest loves to see that you are active on their site, posting consistently and engaging with your audience. Having a consistent posting schedule can seem a little daunting when thinking that you’ll have to spend precious time posting everyday. Luckily, we have third-party programs to help with that! My favorites are Tailwind and Buffer. These tools help you schedule your content days, weeks, even months in advance! Spend a productive block of time scheduling your content so that later, you can put your feet up knowing that it’ll be taken care of. This will free you up to work on creating more fresh content.

I can say with full confidence that this strategy works. Why? Well, because I have the results! Check out these REAL results achieved by my client.

Here is where they started…

Here is a month into working with me…

Here are just the past 5 months…

That’s a whopping 2074% increase in just 5 month’s time!

The Strategy WORKS.

Let’s look at some other stats that are important to your Pinterest growth and how I help my clients grow them.

Outbound Clicks

If you want to know if your current social media strategy is working, Outbound Clicks are what you want to look at. Outbound Clicks are basically just that— how many times users clicked on the link contained in your Pin that leads to your website, online store, blog, etc. The reason this stat is so important is because it shows you how many leads turn into actual buyers.

Here’s the checklist I use to get more Outbound Clicks for my clients:

  1. Have an eye-catching design. As mentioned earlier in this article, quality photos or graphics are crucial to a Pin’s success. Entice users to click your link by creating a Pin design that they can’t ignore. If you sell products, make sure the design has the product as the focus of the design, not the copy or any other objects in the image.

  2. SEO rich title, description and text overlay. If you haven't already figured it out, SEO is very important to the success of your Pins, and if we’re being honest here, it’s important for any content you post on any platform.

  3. Have a CTA. CTA stands for “Call to Action”. This is a phrase that prompts the user to complete a certain action such as following you on Instagram, visiting your website, or leaving a comment.

  4. Maintain some mystery. While it’s a good idea to have a rich description for your Pin, I would also advise you NOT to give too much away. If you’re a blogger trying to promote your new post and give away all of your tips and tricks in the Pin’s description, what incentives does your audience have to click the link that leads to the actual blog post? Give away some information, but leave them wanting more. That’s a sure way to get an outbound click.

When you hire a social media strategist like myself, you will want to know that you are getting a good ROI, or return on investment. Outbound clicks are a good way to measure that!

Let’s look at where my client started out with Outbound Clicks 5 months ago…

Check out the client’s Outbound Clicks in the last 30 days—

That’s a 550% increase in outbound clicks in just 5 months!

You may be looking at 39 Outbound Clicks and thinking it’s not very much, but here’s why this number is actually pretty significant…

These 39 Outbound Clicks resulted in a 47% increase in sales compared to the previous month.

Numbers don’t lie, the strategy is working.


You probably use Pinterest to get ideas— recipes for dinner tonight, ideas on what color to paint your bedroom, outfit inspiration, etc. Pinterest is a great way to discover trends, tricks and shortcuts. Your potential audience is looking for those things as well. They are looking for value when looking through Pinterest. They’re looking for ideas they can save for later. And trust me, you want your content to be saved as many times as possible. Why? The amount of saves you’re receiving is a reflection of the value you are providing to your audience.

  • Users saving your Pins means your content is resonating with the community and having a real impact. Users have the option to just “like” a Pin and move on. If someone saves your Pin, it means that they found it worth the effort to add it to their board.

  • More saves means more people will get to see your content. Pinterest favors Pins that are repeatedly saved and they will in turn make an appearance in more feeds.

So what do I do in order to get my clients more saves? All of the tips mentioned above will help more users want to save your content. In addition are two more things I do to ensure more saves:

  1. Dive into your analytics. Check your analytics to see which of your Pins are doing the best and what content is resonating with users the most. Leveraging this information, create more content related to this! Don’t forget to pay attention to what formats are working best for you as well. Speaking of formats…

  2. Opt for video. Half of social media users surveyed said their preferred method of consuming content is through video. Video content tends to retain users for longer and engagement seems to be higher as well.

As you can see above, this client’s saves increased by 30% using our strategy. Month-over-month, their saves have continued to increase which in turn has raised their visibility, Outbound Clicks and Impressions.


Lastly, we come to engagements. Engagements on Pinterest encompasses the total number of outbound clicks, saves, swipes performed on carousel Pins, Pin clicks, comments, shares and likes.

What role does engagements have to play in your success on Pinterest? Well, the Pinterest algorithm uses engagement data to decide the quality of your Pin and whether or not to promote it in the ranks. More comments, likes and saves means a higher ranking!

To improve engagements on Instagram, implement the aforementioned tips and add this very important action— Connect with your audience! If users are commenting on your Pins, respond! And be sure to do it in a timely manner. I recommend checking your messages, likes and comments at least twice a week. This is the method I use and it has served me well so far. Let’s look at some results!

This client’s engagement rate, engaged audience and total audience has had a significant increase in the last 30 days thanks to the strategies we mentioned here. It is so exciting to see this kind of growth!

By implementing the strategies I shared in this blog post, you will be well on your way to growing your Pinterest account to new and amazing heights! These are literally tried and true methods that I myself implement in my clients’ social media strategy every day.

And if you’ve made it this far, thank you! Here is my FREE downloadable infographic outlining the exact strategies I use to grow my clients’ Pinterest accounts and increase their revenue.

Don’t forget— a good social media strategy takes time. Be persistent, review your analytics, and pivot if need be.

Until next time, keep rocking your brand!



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