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Product Photography: How Quality Images Can Make All the Difference

If you are a small business that sells physical goods in your e-commerce store, you no doubt understand the importance of having photos on your product pages. And yes, while having a visual representation of your products is great, what I really want to talk about is the value of having quality images. Because it's just not enough to have any ol’ photo slapped on there.

I’ll let you in on why.

And be sure to read until the end and save your FREE infographic on how to take professional-looking product photos using just your smartphone camera! Double the points if you pin it! 😉

Authentic Product Portrayal

Did you know that when it comes to purchasing decisions, 75% of e-commerce shoppers look at product pictures first? (Innovature,2022)

And 22% of consumers state their reason for returning a product as “the product looking d