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The Basics of Social Media Marketing

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

5 good practices for every Social Media Manager


If your goal is to build an organic, engaging audience you are in for the long haul. Bottom line...it takes time and consistency is SO important.

View your insights and figure out the best times to post and be consistent.

Call to action

Each post you write should have a call to action. A CTA is when you write your copy in a way that pulls the reader in and gets a response.

Be direct. "Describe your decor style in two words."

Ask a question. "How do you take your coffee?" Be funny. "Take my money!!!" (in response to a glittery face masks)

Tease. "OMG! You wont believe what she used to make this!)

Straight to the point. "5 EASY Thanksgiving recipes anyone can make!"

Bottom line...read your copy and ask yourself am I wording this in a way that will entice people to engage?


Social media marketing is always changing. New algorithms are thrown into the mix and you will need to constantly update your strategy. There are TONS of incredible online courses you can take to keep you up with the times.

Bottom line...don't fall behind in marketing. Stay engaged, stay up to date and get ready to constantly evolve. In a good way! I promise!


Take the time to research and understand YOUR audience or target demographic. Take note of what they responds to and engage with. Use this information while creating content and ALWAYS ask yourself, "am I adding value to my readers lives?"

Become friendly with your insights and analytics. They will tell you when the best time to posts is and if your audience is engaging with your content.

Lastly, Learn all the things about Google Analytics and compare it to the analytics that are also provided by each social site.

Have Fun

Yes! This! All of this! Have fun! That is what makes Social Media so powerful. You can engage with your audience, clients or potential buyers by communicating directly to them.



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