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Time for a bit of honesty. Posting and praying doesn't work. What does work is a thoughtful social media marketing strategy which begins with a strong foundation.


Now, if you are anything like me - you likely dread courses and the coursework that comes along with it. 😑 In other words, I created SMR for people just. like. me.

Social Media Relief was originally designed as an alternative option for clients who are not ready to hire me. Instead they have had access to my program which tells them exactly how I do my job so they can do it themselves.

The thing is - Social Media Marketing is not a secret. It's a free resource that every business can and should utilize.


What isn't free is time. So my program is very efficient and easy to complete as quickly or slowly as you'd like so that your time is served in the areas of your business that matter most by creating impactful and thoughtful content.


Week 1: The Foundation includes:

  • Foundation Basics: What your audience sees and how to fix it.

  • Worksheets to organize your thoughts - no overwhelm here 🙅🏻‍♀️

  • Tutorial videos that are 10min long or less

  • Guide to finding your target audience
  • How to choose your content pillars to achieve your objectives
  • and more, of course 🥲

The beginning of every social media strategy needs a strong foundation and understanding of your target audience and this is exactly what Week 1: The Foundation provides.

p.s. Like I said, I created this program for people like me. Simple, straight to the point, not a lot of fluff and a bit of fun. I'm excited to see you inside!

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