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Your Ticket to Raving Reviews and
A Sold Out Product

$0 Social Media Marketing Consult

I've increased my clients' revenue by an average of 43% during our time together using My 3 Step Social Media Marketing Conversion Framework. From scaling product sales to hitting 100k for the first time and beyond, my conversion framework delivers guaranteed results for your product sales!

Build a bridge between your business and ideal customers with aligned social media marketing.


My “Your ticket to raving reviews and a sold out product” $0 consultation is for you if…

  • You’re tired of not hitting your product sales revenue goals which leaves you feeling defeated

  • You no longer want to be limited by  lack of revenue but want consistent product sales to result in  being able to finally scale your business to multi-six figures and even one million

  • You are frustrated with not being able to spend your time on income producing tasks but instead you’re wasting your time trying to figure out how to grow on social media to increase your sales

You’ll quickly learn how to…

  • Pinpoint gaps in your social media marketing strategy that are causing you to feel defeated when you continuously post content without results or don’t post on social media at all

  • Understand how to land a standout community of repeat customers that leave you 5 star reviews

  • Create aesthetic appeal using product photography that makes you feel proud of what you sell resulting in sales on your way to 1 million

Plus, you’ll uncover how my clients go from $0 in product sales to 100k and 500k+ to 2 mil as a result of working with me! 

Schedule your Book Your ticket to raving reviews and a sold out product” $0 social media marketing consult 


Colleen Sinclair

Mica is absolutely amazing! I met her right before the pandemic caused my business to shut down for months. She created a social media strategy that increased my website sales. This saved my business.

She really understands my brand.

Lindsey W. Andrews

Mica does her job better than anyone I’ve ever hired. As a lawyer and writer in this day and age, my businesses have to have an online component. Mica was the perfect fit of listening to my goals & then implementing her ideas into action. The return on my investment with her cannot be put into words-bc it is in dollar signs!!
You cannot run a successful online anything without Leigh B creative in your corner.

Lisa Driver, MI

Corner Design Co

Mica was super great to work with. We hired her to set up and manage a social media account for an ecommerce brand. She has been really prompt in her communication and super clear in what she needs from us and she delivers on time and keeps her commitments. Her work is great too.
It has been nice to not have to think about anything as it relates to social media since she is so on top of things.
Would hire her again.

Lisa Driver, MI

Laura Lacey

Mica is very professional and super experienced. She explained concepts clearly and in a way that was easy to understand. I would definitely recommend her.
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